Building A Legacy with Real Estate!!

Welcome to All County Legacy Property Management Company!  Why the name All County “Legacy”?  In simple terms, a legacy is something that can be passed down from one generation to the next. So, that was the dream for Christy and Ed Ledlum when they decided to name their property management company, All County Legacy Property Management.


A focus on family has always been extremely important to the Ledlums. As  parents of two young daughters, Christy and Ed desire to provide the motivation to ensure success and offer an example of what can be achieved with dedication and hard work.


Our franchise is a larger part of the All County Property Management Company.   When the All County Franchise opportunity was presented to the Ledlums, there was an instant connection. The All County Franchise values family and treats every franchisee as part of their family, which ultimately was the deciding factor for the Christy and Eddie.


Ed understands the responsibility of building a legacy for his future generations and taking advantage of the opportunity to live the American Dream.  As a first generation American he realizes that as a business owner he can enjoy the challenge of starting a company from the ground up.  He appreciates All County’s emphasis on family values and wants to instill that same appreciation in his daughters as they see him work to make All County Legacy a success.


Christy has always placed family first. Once she and Ed married and began their family, though she had lived her entire life in Southern California, she recognized the benefit of moving to a part of the country  that would afford her the opportunity to have a more active role in the life of her family.  She left all she had known and moved to Georgia with Ed and now they are working tirelessly to make All County Legacy an up and coming family business.


In 2021 Ed & Christy anticipate making a big splash with All County Legacy Property Management and their real estate aspirations. We wish them the very best in building a legacy for themselves and their family.


Take a moment to check out the press release for their new office, located in Snellville, GA.  And consider calling All County Legacy for any and all of your property management needs.