A Deal’s a Deal, No Matter How You Find It

With the competition in the market place, it’s hard to find real estate that you get for a good deal. However, through creativity, you can find your next property.

Word of Mouth

One way you can find properties with barely any work is through word of mouth. Tell your everyone you know, from family to your book club that you are looking for great property deals. That way, if they see anything, they can tell you. Also, joining a real estate club may help you out as well. Even though people in the club are also looking for deals, you could be looking for something completely different than them.


There may seem like there is only one option for advertising, but there are a variety of different types of ads you can use to find properties. You can leverage people’s use of the internet by placing an ad on Google or Craigslist, or you can go a little more old fashioned. There are options from making a mailing list, to tastefully putting signs in your yard or on your car, to even buying a radio commercial. If you want to go big, get a billboard! If you want even more options, place ads in your local newspaper or in any landlord magazines you know of. All of this advertising gives you the possibility of someone with a fabulous property reaching out to you.

Online Options

Even though it’s popular, don’t dismiss using MLS as a way to find a property. Look at a wide variety of online marketplaces. Be willing to search on Craigslist to find some properties. If you are willing to say you want properties on Craigslist, people will most likely be listing their real estate. Look through expired listings. You could potentially find a great deal, because the house didn’t sell during the time it was listed. But continue to make sure that as much as you are searching, you will be easy to find. Make sure that your website comes up when people search about selling homes in your area. Look into search engine optimization to help you in that area.  A blog is another approachable way to make your business out more noticeable.

Other Possibilities

Be willing to drive around your area and find vacant properties to research. While you’re out, also look for properties for sale by owner, as owners may be more excited to work with you. You can always use a wholesale seller, who will charge a bit of a fee, or a commercial broker. Sometimes, one man’s misfortune can be a real estate owner’s opportunity. You can find a good deal if you look into upcoming foreclosures and buy the property first. If someone does get foreclosed, you can always bid on it at the courthouse when it arrives. Be willing to look up the eviction records at the courthouse and buy right before someone is forced to evict a tenant. Also, if someone doesn’t pay taxes, you can get the right to buy their property, and it can be a great deal!

It may be hard to find real estate at first, but don’t be discouraged. If you cast your net wide, the properties will start coming in!