Treating Your Trees

We often forget about trees when we look at our yard. After all, they don’t require quite as much upkeep as a garden or lawn. However, because they are such a large part of many properties, it’s important to know how to keep them maintained!

Young Trees

You may have decided that your yard needed a few trees to make it stand out. New trees aren’t that difficult to take care of, but you don’t want them to die on your watch. A good way to start out is in how you plant your tree: it should have a large hole to settle in to, and you want a mixture of mulch and your local soil to fill that hole. Then, make a small hole near where the roots are. This is a watering well. For a month, give the tree a few inches of water through the well. After that, the tree should begin to root, and you can start fertilizing.

Older Trees

You usually do not need to do much to keep a tree healthy once it is settled and grown. You can make sure it’s watered by seeing if the soil is moist. Pruning is another way to not only maintain your trees, but also keep them looking fresh and beautiful.

These simple tips and tricks should keep your trees on the same level as your lawn and garden! To learn more about this topic, check out the article that inspired this blog here: