Lawn Care

Often, we tend to take our grass for granted. As long as we don’t dig big holes in it or cut it too short, it seems to be fine. However, you want to take care of your grass on your rental properties so it looks the best it can! Getting a tenant in a property starts with curb appeal, and it won’t look good to have your curb covered in overgrown grass.

Watering Your Lawn

Most people are good at remembering to water their gardens, but what about their lawns? To be at its healthiest, grass needs about an inch of water a week! If you haven’t had an especially rainy week, you’ll need to drag out the hose. However, it’s better to water more and spread out your waterings further than a week. That way, the water can go deep into the soil.

Fertilizing Your Lawn

You may not need to fertilize your lawn as much as you think you do. And if you do fertilize it, do it in the fall! All you do in the summer, especially if you live somewhere where it rains, is encourage the grass to grow faster. While this looks good, you’ll also need to cut it more often.

Mowing Your Lawn

You may be used to mowing your lawn down to the ground. However, if you mow at 3-4 inches, your yard will thank you! It will look fluffier and feel better on your feet. It will also mean less weeds for the yard! You don’t even have to mow more often, as you’ll just make the grasses starting point a little higher.

All these tips will help your yard, and your properties’ yards, look great!