Flooring Your Rental Property

Different flooring fits different needs, depending on the type of investing you are doing in the property. No matter what, you want to choose the best flooring for your property. That may mean something higher quality so you don’t have to replace it frequently, or something that is cheaper but looks nice. Here are a few options to consider before you dive into the world of flooring.


Walnut flooring is quite beautiful, while also being durable as well. This means you get beauty and longevity for your money. It can be tricky though, so it’s better to get a reputable installer, even if it means paying a bit more.


Laminate floors are quite popular. They can be just as beautiful as hardwood floors, but without the same amount of upkeep. The added bonus is that they are cheaper, not only for the materials, but also for the installation. It’s easy to clean them, so they are a good option for rentals that have a quick turnover.


Linoleum is not only easy to install, but it also can reduce bacteria and mold! It’s made out of natural materials. Linoleum countertops are pretty common, so it’s easy to forget that it can be a flooring option as well!


Cork isn’t just for closing wine bottles! It can be a great option for flooring, especially because it can be an extra source of insulation. If you’ve had issues with a cold floor in your rental property, consider putting in cork flooring instead. The other added bonus is that it is noise resistant, which is what a lot of renters are looking for.


Vinyl is a good, cheap option. It can even be installed over tile or wood, so that your floor can look new without the trouble of ripping out the old flooring. It comes in a plethora of styles, so that you can get whatever suites the style of your property.

Engineered Wood

The combination of synthetic materials and engineered wood creates a very solid floor. You can use just synthetic materials or just engineered wood. This gives you a few options if you go with this route. And it even looks like hardwood flooring!

No matter what flooring you choose, make sure you are choosing the one that goes best with your budget and your property!