Halloween Decorating

Sometimes sprucing up your property isn’t just about maintaining lawn care. Sometimes it means getting in the spirit of holidays. We’ve all seen our neighbors’ yards decked to the max, with spooky skeletons and blowup gravestones. Although it doesn’t seem like you can top that level of d├ęcor, you can find cute, affordable ways to spruce up your property. Here are a few ideas:

First, use your pumpkins. Chances are you already have some pumpkins lying around for decoration. If you want them to add a level of spook to your house, consider turning them into characters! With black paint and pipe cleaner whiskers, soon a black cat will be sitting on your doorstep. And if you turn a green pumpkin on it’s side, you can have the stem serve as a witch’s long nose.

Foam is also your friend. Cut out black foam into bats, and hang them from your tree! Then, if you have foam boards, you can easily cut those into gravestones. You can even have your kids decorate them however they want!

You may have heard of cutting out snowflakes, but have you heard of cutting out spiderwebs? If you use a black trash bag as your canvas, you can fold it up and cut out pieces of it until you have your picture perfect spiderweb!

Cheesecloth also does more than helping with moisture. You can wrap it around mason jars and attach spider stickers to have little spider spots. Put a candle in the mason jar for even great effect! And then, if you rip up your cheesecloth a little more, you can hang it from your house to created spooky drapes!

Finally, use a wreath frame and plastic eyeballs to create a fun wreath for watching visitors!

Use these ideas as a jumping board to create some of your own decorations as well!

To see the inspiration behind this post (and some good pictures), check out this article: https://www.hgtv.com/design/design-blog/entertaining/10-adorably-scary-halloween-decorations-to-make-with-kids